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The Branch Covidians: an Army of Goons Who Don the Mask in Favor of a Brown Shirt




I was enjoying a warm Florida day sitting in a hot tub shared by our HOA community.  Next to me, a couple of pre-teen boys were having fun with the bubbles.  Suddenly, an elderly man approached.  He had an austere look, a body covered by a rash guard, and a face white from a thick layer of sunscreen.

“Are those your kids?” – he asked me.  I admitted they weren’t.  He turned to the boys:

“Get out of here!” – he almost yelled.  “You can’t be here without your parents!  Get out and don’t come back!”

I was taken aback by his insolence.  Technically, the man was correct: kids under 12 are not allowed in a hot tub without an adult.  This rule, however, is never followed – I see kids in our hot tub all the time, and I have never heard people complain.  But even if the kids bothered the man, I saw no reason for snapping at them.

The man reminded me of my childhood in the former Soviet Union.  Overwhelmed by everyday hardships, most adults did not have any patience for the kids.  Playing outside, we were often yelled at, talked down to, and generally preferred to be out of the way.  Such contempt was not pleasant, but we came to expect it.

Here in America, even the youngest kids are treated with respect.  Adults often carry an engaging conversation with kids of all ages and are generally friendly and gracious.  Courtesy given to the kids is one of the things that I value in American culture.  I practice it myself, and I appreciated it from others when my kids were little.   This man’s behavior reminded me of my older neighbors in Ukraine, and how unpleasant their behavior often was.

While I was thinking if I should interfere and tell him off, the man turned to me.

“I am sorry,” – he said.  “The reason I had to do this is I know most kids are unvaccinated.”

Suddenly, I felt like the man was a lot more sinister than an overly sensitive adult annoyed by the unruly kids.  He was trying to get rid of “unclean” creatures who, he thought, were “spreading disease.”  I was no longer thinking about the Soviet Union.  The Nazi Germany comparison was more fitting.  Hitler’s enforcement arm – the Brownshirts – were responsible for protecting regular Germans from “unclean” Jews carrying “infections diseases.” As a Jew myself, I cringe every time somebody compares anything to the Holocaust.  But paging persecutors of Gina Carano:  “philosophy” of the Branch Covidians is very similar to that of the Brownshirts, even if their actions do not result in violence.  Well, most of the time.

“How do you know if I am vaccinated?” – I replied, curious to find out what obscure rule he would come up with to throw me out of the hot tub.

“Are you?” – the man asked.

I probably should’ve told him it was none of his business – just like I told my employer when they required a vaccine passport.  But instead, I said: “Yes.  Two Pfizer shots.  And I had Covid a month ago. So, obviously, being vaccinated is not all it’s cracked up to be.”

The man seemed perplexed: “Did you go to a wedding? Most people get Covid at weddings.”

This “follower of the science” just offered a theory that weddings (and there are certainly not enough of them to produce a million daily infections) are the only social gatherings that defy vaccine effectiveness.

“No, I didn’t go to a wedding,” – I said. “The reason I got it is the vaccine efficacy is very short-lived. It is only effective for a few months if that.”

“You should get a booster,” – the man said.  “The data shows it offers better protection.”

“From what?” – I asked.  “I already had Covid.”

“You should still get a booster” – he insisted.  “And you should wear a mask.”

“I just left California to escape mask mandates, so I won’t be doing that.” – I said.

“Oh, yeah,” – the man grinned.  “You’ve come to the free state!”

The disdain and condescension for the “free state” was not subtle.  It was obvious to him I was one of those people who would rather take a chance with Covid than surrender my freedom –so I don’t wear a mask, I don’t expect people to vaccinate their children, and I won’t help him enforce the “no dogs, no unvaccinated” policy.

The Branch Covidians treat “the unvaccinated” in such contempt as if they were lesser humans.  Just like the Nazis, the Branch Covidians consider themselves “a superior race.”   Only those who belong to their group should be allowed access to medical care, education, and a way to earn a living.

But just as blonde-haired and blue-eyed people don’t carry any superiority over other human beings, “the vaccinated” do not have any superiority as far as Covid transmission. They get and spread Covid as readily as anybody else. The only thing the vaccine arguably is good for is possibly keeping you from acute illness, although there have been some vaccinated Covid deaths. If that is still true, then fear of “the unvaccinated” is completely irrational. “The unvaccinated” do not cause anybody to develop Covid complications.

So why the disdain, the scorn, and the shaming of “the unvaccinated?” Also, why do many localities go on with “vaccine passports” if a carrier of a said passport can infect people just as easily as any person walking on the street?

The government’s reason is simple: as long as some people refuse the vaccine, the government has someone to blame for their failure to contain Covid. The Biden administration failed on every level: testingtherapeuticsconvincing people to get vaccinated and forming a united front to help Americans through the difficult pandemic. So, they created a scapegoat of sorts for the public exhausted by the pandemic. Remember the Nazis and their “it’s all Jews’ fault” mantra? Sounds familiar?

As for the Branch Covidians – they are after moral superiority.  They believe “the unvaccinated” are as simple-minded as a toddler who keeps trying to stick his finger into an electrical outlet.  The toddler doesn’t know any better and must be saved – and so must “the unvaccinated!”  And so, the Branch Covidians spend hours on end lecturing us from TV screens, social media, and your local hot tub:

“All the data shows vaccines are safe and effective.  There is no reason not to get one.  You people are denying data!”

It’s probably true – some people do not trust the data provided by the government. Considering how wrong the government was in much of their guidance, that is not an outlandish position. But data aside, people who refuse to take the vaccine that is pushed on them without any long-term studies, and without official safety records, are certainly doing a harder mental exercise than those who got vaxxed because of Stephen Colbert’s “guidance.”

Meanwhile, the same people who call others “data deniers” are in daily denial of basic facts. Despite long and steady price increases, they keep saying inflation is “transitory.” Dismissing horrific images, they say Biden is pursuing “humane immigration policy.” Despite the devastating crime surge in Democrat ran cities, they call it “a Fox news manufactured story.”  Despite mass exodus from New York and California, many of their residents keep saying life there is better than ever. And despite a three-year debacle, some are still treating Russia collusion as a historical fact.

It is not “the unvaccinated” that prevent us from getting back to normal.  It is the people who tell us we can’t get back to normal because of “the unvaccinated.”  Just like your elderly neighbor with nothing to do that stands by the door all day screening your visitors, the Covid “hall monitors” are busy enforcing “the rules,” no matter how irrational or ineffective.  Unable to find purpose and meaning in their daily lives, Covid provided them with an opportunity to feel essential and important.  They are dazzled by their newly found social importance, and they are not about to give it up.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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Traits of Psychopathic Leftist Globalists – Creating, Then Using Crisis to Transform the World to Their Will




There is an adage used in psychiatry used as an attempt to explain psychopathic behavior – personality traits in layman’s terms. It goes something like this, “one who shoots you then proceeds to move you from where you fell, laying in your pool of blood, so as to not to ruin their oriental carpet,” is displaying psychopathic-like traits.

So let us lay down some markers.

The public uses pop psychology terms such as psychopath and sociopath interchangeably when both are terms of personality types that exhibit antisocial personality disorder. The DSM-5 defines antisocial personality as someone who has three or more of the following traits:

Regularly breaks or flouts the law or society rules.
Constantly lies and deceives others and manipulates outcomes.
Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead.
Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness, and emotionally abusive.
Has little regard for the safety of others or conscience.
Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations.
Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt.

So what is the difference between the two labels? Generally, a sociopath emerges from an environmental factor, as in nature vs. nurture. It is what the person is subjected to that forms the personality. A psychopath is likely a genetic predisposition. This is not to say that psychopaths may not also suffer from some sort of childhood trauma. Contrary to popular belief, a psychopath or sociopath is not necessarily physically violent but always displays abusive emotional patterns.

Deceit and manipulation are central features of both personality traits. Both have a pervasive pattern of disregard for the safety and rights of others and a complete lack of empathy. A distinguishing difference is that psychopaths present as charming, almost intoxicating, and are highly more manipulative. They are high functioning, well-educated, or self-taught, and can lead to successful careers or what appears to be a semblance of normal life and will avoid the risk of overtly criminal behaviors.

Sociopaths are more socially isolated, erratic, rage prone, and impulsive. Personal attachments are difficult, but usually, they have that one person they hold up on a pedestal as worthy of feelings towards, even if in a delusional way. A psychopath, in general, has a string of failed relationships and is described as emotionally detached from others. The words artificial, shallow, pathological liar is often associated with psychopaths. People are seen as pawns to be used to forward the psychopath’s goals, and they rarely feel guilt regarding any of their behaviors.

Psychopathy is deemed the more dangerous disorder of the two because they experience such a lack of empathy or remorse connected to their actions. They possess a strong ability to dissociate from their actions, and the suffering and pain they cause others are meaningless to them if their goals are met. A sociopath can exhibit a conscience while a psychopath does not.

Now that we have a basis for understanding terminology, shall we apply it? The Right Wire Report is not in the business nor qualified for diagnosing persons with mental disorders. However, identifying the traits seen in others, like elected Politicians, Academia, Entertainment, Corporate Elites, Globalists, and Media, are fair game. Many of the aforementioned exhibit traits associated with psychopathic traits. Both the Progressive leftists ( both right and left) and Legacy Media are particularly adept at utilizing crisis events, you’ve heard the phrase often, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.” They do so seemingly with no regard for consequences or empathy for victims of their legislative policy agendas.

There was the Russia Russia hoax, the Ukrainian impeachment sham, the Jan 6 insurrection sham, the Covid crisis, the election integrity issue, and everything in between – all dependent on manipulation and deceit. In each instance, those flaunting the deception polarized and targeted the objective victims of such schemes using language that labels and ridicules, and attempts to dehumanize. President Trump, his administration, those in his orbit, and supporters are assigned as evildoers, incompetent, ignorant, criminally negligent, white supremacists, insurrectionists, and an existential threat to democracy.

A hybrid, political party/media complex work as a single celled organism to censor and propagandize information to wield optimum control over what citizens know and do not know. Big -Tech facilitates the indoctrination of the masses with no remorse, rather a sense of duty and moral authority. The virtue signaling choir crushes all dissent, and the hybrid showers praise on the entire dysfunctional infected loop. Here are just a few highlighted examples:

The removal of the President of the United States off social platforms.
The censoring of Hunter Biden’s Laptop story before the election.
The burying the facts about election irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election.
The cherry picking the facts  when reporting on the Jan.6, DC Riots.
The total black out of any dissenting voices about Covid or Covid vaccines, including medical and scientific voices.

The COVID-19 crisis revealed the most disturbing psychopathic traits of all as we watched them lie, distort, manipulate facts to weaponize this crisis against President Trump and now former President Trump, his administration, the Republicans, and the American people. And they did so while charmingly smiling declaring the “experts” and they knew what was best for you. After using the unprecedented crisis, forming the very conditions that drove panic and hysteria related to COVID-19, and demanding the actions that blew a striving economy apart, they now assign blame on their political opponents.

They declared they had the saving grace solutions. Psychopathic-like, their mass projections provided the cover for the specific goals they wished to meet. As explained before – there is no inquiry to ask who shot the victim lying on the carpet anymore! The victim gets no voice at all and is used as a prop as they march forward displaying the “ends justify the means attitude” psychopaths are known for. 

Right Wire Report previously wrote about this devious power grab unfolding, which you can read here.

Suffice to say, the recognizable traits of psychopathic-like thinking can also be seen here as you listen to their unabashed plans to use the crisis to change our country fundamentally. Take note of a complicit media that enables the deceit in the following video:


Dems: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Create Socialist Utopia

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) April 4, 2020

This brings us to their latest sting – The Ukraine – Russia war. Setting aside the reality that the Ukrainian people are displaced , suffering, and many are dying in a war zone. Parts of Ukraine have been a war zone for the last eight years. The players, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, governments share in causation through specific actions to date. The US State Dept. has been instrumental in controlling Kyiv since the 2014 political coup their hands were all over. And the CIA has been more than just meddling in the Donbas conflict on the ground inside Ukraine for years. The “end justifies the means crowd” knowingly only pump the propaganda narratives on all sides of the equation, and an ignorant public falls in line to support WW3! Regime change and a prolonged proxy war is America’s government course, and saving Ukrainian lives by facilitating a cease fire negotiation is not. Oh , and this movie comes complete with Hollywood direction and lighting , rock stars, and an action hero Churchill-type, Zelensky for public consumption. World leaders, rock stars , and Globalists are dropping by to chat in a hot war zone- but pay no attention to “Oz” behind the curtain?

And just who is “Oz?” Well, I assure you that entities that constitute “Oz” are all members of The Great Reset Cabal aka the World Economic Forum.

These creatures make no bones about it – Covid was a crisis of opportunity, and so is Ukraine, see here. Prince Charles, one of the premier Great Reset Globalists, stated in November 2021 speaking at COP26:

“Covid-19 pandemic had “shown us just how devastating a global, cross border threat can be. Climate change and biodiversity loss are no different,” he said. “In fact, they pose an even greater existential threat to the extent that we have to put ourselves on what might be called a war-like footing.

The scale and scope of the threat we face call for a global systems level solution based on radically transforming our current fossil fuel based economy to one that is genuinely renewable and sustainable.”

Before the Ukraine – Russia War ,Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, and the Great Reset globalists were calling for a new Marshall-like Plan. The strategy and goal are to create broad centralized governance, usher in transhumanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution, create a new economic system dependent on a digital footprint, and erase sovereign nations. They do not even hide the agenda.

The Right Wire Report Podcast has addressed in-depth this subject matter see here, here, and here.

How do you create a new world order? You must destroy the old. The world has been set in perpetual crisis mode one after another. And in every rock in a hard place moment , leftist emerge to take advantage of the situation. The supply chain issue , the energy crisis, the border crisis, the instability of global governments’ crisis, are all on cue. As if conjured up by those moving game pieces around a geopolitical board. You didn’t think the elites, leaders, or central banks would fess up and go on the hook for the theft and destruction they have unleashed for decades – did you? Nope. Diversion, projection, and chaos are in order. Oh, and there is that pesky little depopulation issue they are all very concerned about:

CLUB OF ROME… Depopulation “I hope it can occur in a civil way”…

— Pelham (@Resist_05) May 10, 2022

This economic global collapse is not a recession. It is an artificially imposed result of politicians using a health crisis to destroy capitalism as we know it and now a proxy war to crush final sovereignty resistance. What do you do when the voters of many nations consistently reject your agendas to usher in universal health care , international law, open borders, and the rest? You corrupt the voting systems, place your people into power, money launder citizen funds into the Great Reset Agenda, crush civil liberties, control media, utilize political persecution ,and cease power grabs through crisis to expand central government. You take it by force! No conscience, remorse, or regret.

Then you offer the suffering hobbled masses crumbs, and they kiss your robes for doing so.

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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Chart of the Day: Oil Prices Are Actually Significantly Higher Than You Think




The Oil market is projecting a false sense of stability when it comes to energy inflation. Instead, the real economy is suffering a much stronger price shock than it appears because fuel prices are rising much faster than crude Oil itself. Crude Oil has risen about 13% since the start of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, but the produced products (gasoline up 33%, diesel up 69%, and jet fuel up 137%) have risen much higher. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

Crude Oil is trading at around $110 a barrel – expensive but not extortionate. The bad news is that inflation in producing crude Oil products in normal times would mean crude Oil would be between $150 and $275 a barrel. See this same effect in the recent price charts of crude Oil and subsequent Oil products in the chart below and learn more here.

What’s changed? Refining margins have exploded. And that means energy inflation is far stronger than it appears.

Oil refineries are complex machines capable of processing multiple streams of crude into dozens of different petroleum products. The industry measures refining margins using a rough calculation called the “3-2-1 crack spread”: for every three barrels of WTI crude oil the refinery processes, it makes two barrels of gasoline and one barrel of distillate fuel like diesel and jet fuel.

From 1985 to 2021, the crack spread averaged about $10.50 a barrel. More recently, the crack spread has edged higher, but the crack spread rarely surpassed $30. Recently, however, the margin jumped to a record high of nearly $55. Crack margins for diesel and other petroleum products surged much higher. See this in the chart below.

Here are four reasons some have given for the explosion in refining margins.

Demand, particularly for diesel,  has rebounded strongly, depleting global inventories.
The US and its allies have tapped their strategic petroleum reserves to cap the rally in crude Oil prices but don’t affect the Oil products pricing.
Refining capacity has declined where it matters for the market now, and the plants that are operating are struggling to process enough crude to satisfy the demand for fuel.
Sanctions and unilateral embargos on Russian oil.

As of April 2021, the US had 18.1 million barrels per day of petroleum refining capacity. US refining capacity had reached a record high of nearly 19.0 million barrels per day as of January 1, 2020, but several refineries have closed since then, resulting in a capacity decline of 4.5 percent.

While the US has been shuttering refineries, China has invested in them. In fact, for most of 2020, China’s refineries processed more crude than U.S. refineries. In April 2020, more crude oil was being refined in China’s refineries than in U.S. refineries for the first time on record, and the trend continued for all remaining months in 2020 except for July and August. See this in the chart below and learn more here.

So these crack spreads could remain high and may even go higher. The US is simply not investing in Oil, whether it be in exploration or in Oil products production. Hence, higher prices are to come. Why, you may ask?

It’s part of the New Green Deal … we are saving the planet. China? They don’t seem so concerned about saving the planet, do they?

See more Chart of the Day posts.

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Chart of the Day: Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak in Children – Covid Fallout?




BBC – Nearly 300 probable cases of children with severe hepatitis have been detected in 20 countries worldwide, with some in South East Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

Health officials around the world are investigating a mysterious increase in cases of this liver condition which was first spotted in the UK. A common virus called adenovirus, which has rebounded after the pandemic, could be causing the surge. One death has been reported by the WHO.

As of 1 May, it said most cases of young children with hepatitis had been detected in Europe with small numbers also reported in the Americas, Western Pacific, and Southeast Asia. The first cases of this unusual hepatitis were spotted in Scotland in children under the age of 10. More than 140 cases are now being investigated in the UK. See below for a global view of where these cases have been found and learn more here.

In the US, Ohio reports seven cases of mysterious hepatitis in children as young as 18 months – with one youngster requiring a liver transplant, taking US total to 40 with one death in Wisconsin. See this in the graphic below and learn more here.


What are the symptoms in children? A classic symptom of hepatitis is jaundice, or yellowing of the skin or the whites of the eyes, which has been seen in many of the affected children, according to the WHO. Many of the children also experienced gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Most cases did not have a fever, WHO officials said.

Other symptoms of hepatitis can include fatigue, loss of appetite, dark urine, light-colored stools, and joint pain, according to the CDC. Seventeen of the affected children have required liver transplants and at least one has died, according to the WHO. Below is a quick infographic and learn more here.

Cause unknown

Webmd – With the current batch of hepatitis cases in children, researchers are working on a theory that the cause is adenovirus, which commonly circulates each spring through fall.

None of the usual viral culprits – hepatitis A, B, C, and E – have been found infecting the children in the current outbreak. Instead, doctors have found one type of adenovirus, type 41, in about half of the worldwide cases.

Stat News – Many armchair epidemiologists on Twitter feel Covid infection, current or previous, could explain the hepatitis and seem to feel the idea has gotten short shrift, though that is still very much on the list of working hypotheses listed in a UKHSA report. Some think that perhaps a previous infection triggered the inflammatory condition known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children or MIS-C.

Still another theory is that the public health measures employed over the past couple of years to reduce spread of Covid-19 may have set up some children to have more severe illness when they contracted a bug that might previously have been innocuous. Masking, online schooling, and social distancing have dramatically reduced transmission of viruses that cause colds or influenza.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to investigate cases of acute hepatitis with unknown causes among children and released new clinical details about some of the cases on Friday. You can find a summary of their finding here.

Do note that the data and information on this outbreak are evolving. But given all the media spin by government and health officials during the Covid “pandemic” one must be careful to come to any conclusions. With the mysteriousness of the outbreak and all the Covid misinformation, conspiracy theories would be easy to hatch.

Incidental cases, Covid fallout, or another “pandemic” on the horizon?

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