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Dear Anyhooo Answers: Lil Cupcake’s Parents Happy to Be Empty Nesters – Does Not Digest Well



Dear Ms. Anyhooo,

I swear I am in shock and did not know where else to turn. Ms. Anyhooo, my name is Annalee Alice, that is with two n’s and two e’s, just saying. You see, I am twenty-six years old and have made a monumental decision in my life – I just informed my parents I am moving out of the house to live in my own place. Well, you would think this news would have upset their little apple cart, but you are never going to believe this…their faces lit up with expressions of happiness!

I have always and I mean always been my mom and dad’s pride and joy, no for real, I am their world. So please explain to me why they would be humming show tunes and measuring my room to place new furniture? They are even offering profusely to help assist my transition as soon as possible. How could they want their little cupcake, that is their little term of endearment for little ole moi, gone?

Of course, through the years they quipped about me moving out and getting my own place often, all in jest certainly. So can you please tell me how I’m supposed to process their gleeful response? Are they in denial or something? What will both of them do all day once I move out?

Signed: Heart Broken in Cincinnati

Dear Heart Broken in Cincinnati,

What in the Sam Hill? Bless your heart but that dog don’t hunt. I reckon you never received the memo: You are of age at 18! Now, you tell me that you are twenty-six years old and you are now just fixin to move out! I suspect you gave your parents more excuses than Carter’s got pills. If I was your parent I must confess I would have been shouting and having a dying duck fit over your delayed maturity.

Hold your horses’ sugar and don’t get that back all riled up. You and your precious parents fell into what is called an enmeshed relationship of co-dependency. Oh yes, honey child, Ms. Anyhooo has been known to drop a fancy word, or two, from time to time so go grab you a dictionary and look em’ up. See here I am saying it is not all you to blame for the situation. Becoming all grown-up can be scary for the ones doing the growing and the ones letting go of the parental reins. Finally, both you and your parents arrived at the jumping-off point at the same time and are ready to make the big life changes.

Listen up, you get that Lil broken heart to mending and know down in your bones that you will always be their little cupcake and they will always want to support you in your big decisions. The smiling is their pride and joy in your making that leap from knee-high to a grasshopper to a responsible adult. So when you think about it that way, this is a good thing for all of ya.

Very well then push those shoulders back and I declare you should make a calendar thingy and mark every other week to stop by for mom’s home-cooked meal, just leave all laundry at your new pad- oh I cracked myself up on that one. You bring something sweet for after dinner too. You are going to make it after all precious, and so are they!

With blessings, you little haint,

Ms. Anyhooo

Ms. Anyhooo writes for the Right Wire Report, who provides common sense down-to-earth answers to your personal relationships on love, life, and everything in between. Spun from the heart of the Tennessee mountain country, follow her on the hashtag #DearAnyhoooAnswers (save this link to your favorites bookmarks). If you have any questions for Ms. Anywhooo to answer please send them to or Contact Us.

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Chart of the Day: Americans Taking to the Road on a RV Rampage



We reported earlier that the – Rich Are Fleeing. But it is not just the rich. Us regular folk are also fleeing. This has been part of the effects of the Covid pandemic and the stress many in America are seeing in terms of trends in the cultural divides we see today.

Although there was a slump in April 2020 (due to COVID-19), the second half of 2020 saw a significant rise in the manufacture and delivery of RVs (Recreational Vehicles) nationwide. There were 40,382 RV shipments in December 2020 which is a 46.8% increase from December 2019.  See the total RV shipments monthly vs. last year’s infographic (data compiled from RVIA) below and learn more here and here.

According to the RV Industry Association’s through May 2021, RV sales will continue at a record pace. See the infographic below.

There are about 40 million people who go RV camping each year. There are about 11.2 Million RV owners in America – many others rent. Roughly 1/3rd of these RVers are millennials, 1/3rd are from generation x, and 1/3rd are baby boomers. These statistics show that RV camping is a steady activity that spans many generations. Here are the different types of people roaming the highways of America in RVs.

Happy Campers (3%) love RVs and the adventures that they bring. Primarily snowbirds, this group uses their RV as an escape for half of the year from both the weather and their household budget. They simply could not imagine their lives without an RV. Learn more here.
Casual Campers (39%) only use their RV for a few weekends a year in the warmer months. Casual Campers have thoroughly enjoyed the RV lifestyle and its provision of relaxation and an escape in nature for years. In contrast, a large and satisfied group in total, their low usage, and interest in other travel options make them least committed to the lifestyle. Learn more here.
Adventure Seekers (1%) is a small but mighty group. This group of RV owners knows the world is for exploring. As outdoor enthusiasts that thrive on numerous hobbies, you can find them anywhere there is wilderness to tame – hiking one minute and skiing the next. Learn more here.
Avid RVers (6%) are committed to RVing every chance they have, using their RV for approximately a season. To this group, RVs provide both an opportunity for a romantic getaway and a chance to see the best nature has to offer. Learn more here.
Escapists (16%) are committed to the RV lifestyle. This group of owners enjoys the freedom of exploration camping provides. Traveling as a family for two months of the year, these owners thrive in water-based activities and anywhere with natural beauty to soak in. Learn more here.
Full Timers (1.5%) have adopted their RV as their home, living within the RV all year and embracing the lifestyle to its fullest. Traveling year-round, these nomad owners are set to see the world and appreciate the joys and freedom this lifestyle provides them. Learn more here.
Family Campers (33%) are most often growing up with an RV. Family Camper owners use camping to bond with family and spark the hobby for the next generation. Limited by their full-time employment, summer tends to provide brief periods of escape for these eager young owners.  Learn more here.

Want to dream a little? Take a look below at some of the world’s most luxury motor homes in the industry. If the luxury motorhomes are too expensive, consider renovation – see here.

Too rich for your taste? Take a look at the video below for some cool camping vans. Here, here and here are some resources to get an idea of what you can buy new and used RVs if you are thinking this is the life for you. Here and here are national campground registry resources.

One issue that many RVers are having since the boom in RVers is getting suitable campground settings to park their RV. Then the shortage of RV repair technicians. Perhaps some business ideas for those looking to get into a niche business. Check out the following video that discusses this issue. More here and here on – Why I Quite the Van Life.

Regardless of some of the downsides of RV life, the trend is growing. People are on the move. Covid fear, looking for financial relief, escaping the cities, and/or folks merely seeking adventure – RV life looks to continue upward for the time being. Is RV living ahead in your life? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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See more #chartoftheday posts.

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Sunday Thoughts: Our New God, Artificial Intelligence?



Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we interact with everything, from food to healthcare, travel, and also religion. A recent BBC report proclaimed that experts say major global faiths are discussing their relationship with AI, and some are starting to incorporate this technology into their worship. Robot priests can recite prayers, deliver sermons, and even comfort those experiencing a spiritual crisis. Check out the BBC video below.

For sure technology is changing many things in our lives, but could it replace humans or even God? Still, others might say that AI is a mere marketing scam. It is just a high-speed complicated machine that does a lot of “things.” It is not really a conscious entity and can’t think like us humans, much less a God. One supposes that it is all in your definition of AI. Wikipedia has AI as “intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals including humans.” With that definition, your desktop calculator is AI.

But when machines start having powers that exceed our abilities of ourselves, it takes on AI, or God-like powers, that go well beyond our ability to control it, we start to wonder. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert and author of Win Bigly (2017), in 2018, offered a curious analysis of where AI in politics is taking us: Adams worries that Donald Trump will be the “Last Human President” and that politics will be dominated by AI algorithms in the future (see more here).

“I’ve actually worried that Trump might be the last human president, and I mean that literally, in the sense that the algorithms and the social media companies will be able to control the thoughts and the feelings and the attitudes, and even the social policy preferences of the public to such a degree that the politicians will just have to do whatever the public is saying.

It’s pretty hard to be a president and do something that 70% of the public doesn’t want you to do. It’s very unusual. So the presidents will be captive to the public. As they are, except the public will not be independently thinking and they won’t be led by the presidents and vice-versa.

… In all likelihood, there is no human being at any of these companies, no single human, who understands how the algorithm works. And that means humans aren’t in charge anymore. It means the algorithm is going to do what it is going to do. And we can maybe say, if you change this variable, I’m pretty sure something will happen at this end.

But it is not a one-variable situation. There are many variables. It’s sort of like climate change; modeling it is insanely hard. So I think that complexity will mask the fact that the algorithms will start running the show with a little bit of correction from humans.”

But a complex algorithm is not a conscious entity, is it? In Scott Adam’s ideas, we are just being managed by machines we have already created. But what is consciousness? Again turning toward Wikipedia wisdom, it says, “at its simplest, is sentience or awareness of internal and external existence.” Hardly helpful, is it?

How do we know a machine is self-aware? A light turns on when we pass its motion detector? Remember IBM’s Watson – quite the headline story in its day. A supposed AI program to master a board game including advances in techniques for search algorithms and evaluation functions that proved machines could be smarter than mere mortals.

There have been other recent claims of AI. The European Patent Office recently turned down an application for a patent because it was created by artificial intelligence. By law, inventors need to be actual people – sad day for AI robots. Aside from this legal issue, the innovation was produced by what is called generative adversarial networks. As an example, consider a machine that is supposed to create a new picture of a person.

The first part is the generator, which produces new images starting from a random distribution of pixels. The second part is the discriminator, which tells the generator how close it came to actually producing a real-looking picture.

How does the discriminator know what a human looks like? Well, you feed it many examples of pictures of a real person before you start the task. Based on the feedback of the discriminator, the generator improves its algorithm and suggests a new picture. This process goes on and on until the discriminator decides that the pictures look close enough to the picture examples it has learned. But again, this is yet just another complex machine that is useful for humans to invent.

So what is “true” AI? One thought on AI is whether an entity (animal or machine) can innovate. AI systems need to be capable of imagination. Today AI cannot produce anything that is beyond what they are triggered or trained to do. Fundamentally, innovation is often based on needs we didn’t even know we had – imagination.

Merriam Webster defines imagination as the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. This almost sounds metaphysical – not of this world. Ut oh … here we go down the religion rabbit hole in another Sunday Thoughts.

Many religions have professed that man is a special species of planet Earth, possessing a metaphysical soul – unlike the animals who do not. Obviously, evolutionists believe everything comes from the natural world, and somehow man merely evolved with these innovative skills, unlike other animals, though they may claim certain animals have minimal imagination skills.

The soul Biblically is sometimes referred to as the “Spirit in Man,” not to be confused with the “Holy Spirit” or “Spirit of God.” Suggesting yes, we are mortal, but there is some spirit or metaphysical aspect to being human. Consider these references.

Job 32:8: “But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand.” A conscious within the brain?

Ecclesiastes 12:7: “And the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” Let’s not even get into near-death experiences – but here are some natural world explanations. For the more curious, check the video below.

Many scientists tell us that the main difference between humans and apes is the brain size and the number of neurons in the brain – in other words, the difference is of the natural world and NOT metaphysical. We soon may be able to test for this in the lab and potentially debunk the “Spirit in Man” Biblical idea of a metaphysical human soul.

Though a highly unethical experiment, what if we could genetically construct a brain that is larger with these additional neurons? Would one be able to create a new organism that has a consciousness and that is innovative just like, or heaven forbid even greater than humans? Chinese scientists have already started putting human brain genes in monkeys – see here.

We wonder which Scott Adams would fear more, social media algorithms controlling our politics, or Frankenstein monsters created out of some Chinese lab. The point is, we soon may be able to prove whether “true” AI can be created in a software program or a genetic engineering lab. Or will it remain elusive? Give your thoughts in the comment section below – do you believe in a human metaphysical soul?

See more in this series of Sunday Thoughts – click here.

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False Promises, Failed Vaccines, Fake Reporting, and Future Justice



With so many deaths, diseases, and disabilities resulting from COVID-19 vaccinations, why have the failed vaccines not been discontinued? Instead of being removed from the shelves, they are being pushed by the world health officials and world governments! Moreover, highly educated medical people and others are ridiculed for asking reasonable questions. Furthermore, if these vaccines are safe, why do the vaccine producers have legal protection from being sued when shots result in disability or death?

As of today, there have been 16,766 reported U.S. deaths following COVID vaccination. And they are supposed to be “safe and effective.” Roll up your sleeve at a Walgreens or CVS and get an injection that may help you. Or, to be honest, it may kill you, disable you, or only cause Bell’s palsy or bleeding problems. Or, if female, it may cause your period to start again at age 80. Or it might make it impossible for young females to get pregnant.

Is the rushed vaccine worth the risk? After all, you may not get infected, and if you do, you probably won’t die. Furthermore, you can still get COVID after full vaccination.

Whatever the situation, you alone are the one to make that decision since it is your life. Additionally, who gave the government the authority to force any American to take any drug or vaccine? If a woman has the legal right to kill her unborn baby, then surely I have a right to full disclosure of all medical procedures and to refuse them for whatever reason.

I don’t need a medical, religious, or philosophical reason not to be injected with an unproven, unreliable, and unnecessary vaccine. I am not a guinea pig.

Free people have a right to refuse any drug or vaccine, especially if it is untested, dangerous, and irreversible. “Yes, but the odds are so great. Only one in a zillion die.” But I could be that one. However, there have been many deaths caused by the rushed vaccines.

No one on earth can say for sure that any vaccine or medical treatment is “safe” or “effective.” If any health care worker tells you otherwise, you should run from them as if your hair is on fire.

That might be less dangerous than getting a dubious, dangerous, even deadly vaccine.

No vaccine maker or drug maker can be held legally responsible if a drug or vaccine harms or kills a patient. Big Pharma is the only entity with such a benefit. If these companies are trustworthy, ethical, and beneficial to society, why did they ask for unusual legal protection?

Why would legislators be so stupid to give them such protection at the expense of innocent people? I believe I already answered that.

Immunity from accountability is not common sense or biblical. No principled person seeks relief from responsibility. In ancient Rome, bridge builders stood under a new bridge at its dedication and lost their lives if they did a poor job. The Jews were held accountable if they dug a hole without warning signs or if a bull, known to be dangerous, was unfenced and harmed someone. Society has always demanded accountability–until now.

Accountability is an attribute of honorable men.

Everyone believes health officials should be super careful in the tests to discover the vaccine’s long-term consequences, especially when it is literally being forced on the world. But no one can speak authoritatively about long-term safety because it was a rush job. Even if there were not thousands of deaths shortly after the shot, no one could guarantee there won’t be multiple deaths next year because of the vaccines.

According to a whistleblower, the actual deaths from COVID-19 vaccinations are not realistically reported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) site [at that time]. Instead, there were more than 45,000 deaths! A female whistleblower has sworn under penalty of perjury “according to medical claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), there are ‘at least 45,000’ vaccine-related deaths due to experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections.”

Therefore, the harmful results are far worse than the reported numbers indicate.

In the history of vaccines, medical scientists have always been careful to stop testing if there were deaths, blood clots, miscarriages, enflamed hearts, and other injuries. Under normal circumstances, 50 deaths reported to VAERS would result in a drug being taken off the market immediately. Congress provided VAERS for people to report any adverse vaccine reactions, and all healthcare workers must make such reports. Very few do since “it takes too long to fill out the reports.” Shockingly, a 2011 report by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare stated that fewer than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are reported on VAERS!

But the actual deaths are many times the reported number based on physician/patient financial claims, according to the whistleblower mentioned earlier.

A group of independent doctors formed to challenge the horse and pony show from the CDC. The physicians state, “A typical new drug at about five deaths, unexplained death, we get a black-box warning, your listeners would see it on TV, saying it may cause death. And then, at about 50 deaths, it’s pulled off the market.” During the 1976 Swine Flu epidemic, America tried to vaccinate 55 million Americans, but the program was halted when the shot caused 53 deaths. The flu shot causes 20-30 deaths a year out of 195 million cases. According to the whistleblower, there have been far more than 12,000 CDC-admitted COVID-19 vaccine-linked U.S. deaths.

Why are COVID vaccines being treated differently from other vaccines?

Obviously, COVID vaccines are getting special treatment. The vaccinations continue even as the global death toll keeps climbing. The pitch is the mRNA vaccines have been held to the same “rigorous safety and effectiveness standards external icon as all other types of vaccines in the United States.” Obviously, that is not true.

Just as a woman cannot deliver a healthy baby in three months, the top vaccine experts cannot produce a safe or effective vaccine in a few weeks.

Dr. Peter McCullough, an epidemiologist, internist, and cardiologist, asserts there have been more deaths from COVID shots in the first six months of 2021 than from all vaccines in the past 31 years. Note, according to McCullough, the vaccines are responsible for these deaths, not an exotic virus. During court testimony, McCullough revealed, “661 people just among the Medicare beneficiaries in Maine died within 28 days of taking the shot. That is primarily among people 65 and older and doesn’t account for any potential vaccine-related deaths among non-Medicare recipients.”

The possible danger from COVID vaccinations came home to me recently when a man I’ve known all his life died a few days after getting the jab. He was 64 years old and a friend of my grown children. He said, “I got the shot on Tuesday and haven’t felt well since.” He died of a heart attack on Saturday. Only a fool or fanatic says there was absolutely no connection.

But we don’t know his cause of death, do we? This has happened thousands of times worldwide. Please remember that we are told to get the vaccination, so we won’t get COVID-19, but we still get COVID, so why get a rushed vaccine that is not “safe” or “effective”?

Joe Biden assured us, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.” Now, everyone on earth knows he was talking through his mask.

Hey, what’s an ordinary citizen to do when he can’t believe the man in the Oval Office?

What’s a non-physician supposed to believe when the world’s top health officials are so adamant about getting the vaccine, and hundreds of independent experts (usually more qualified than the government ones) vociferously tell us the opposite? Especially since there are common, inexpensive drugs that make experimental vaccines as obsolete as an automobile crank.

Keep in mind that you are being “sold” vaccines, even forced to take them. Now, ask what’s in it for the seller? Bill Gates may be the most prominent voice in the use of vaccines worldwide, and he wants to reduce world population growth from 10 to 15% to forestall environmental catastrophe, so I surely won’t take his advice about a vaccine’s effectiveness or safety.

If federal health experts are lying or are incompetent, they pocketed their 30 pieces of silver. The original receiver of 30 pieces of silver “went out and hanged himself.” I don’t expect physicians to do the same, but if they are guilty of crimes against humanity, angry citizens will demand the government treat them as they did a few Nazis at Nuremberg. If federal health officials turn out to be Judas goats, citizens will demand appropriate justice.

These people are so corrupt if a snake bit any of them, the snake would die.

They must be held accountable.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this publication.

See original post article link and more articles from Don Boys, Ph.D.

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